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Meet our team at Basic Apartment

Basic Apartment Oba Alanya employees

Basic Apartment has been operating in the Turkish real estate market since 2008. We have made it easier and safer to realize the housing dream of people all over the world.  
Our main principle is honesty with customers and full transparency in all events.
We don't just sell real estate!
By contacting us, you get all the information you need before you buy until the transfer of the deed to your property. There's no problem we can't solve!
We are available around the clock whenever you need us. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, or have any questions, just give us a call.
We will help you buy real estate in an efficient way, in compliance with all legal norms and most importantly with all your wishes and needs.
It is very important for us to find out all the preferences and wishes of the buyer before looking for the perfect apartment. The more preferences we get, the easier it will be for us to find suitable housing for you!

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